'' Quality in a service is not what you put into it. It is what the client gets out of it ''
Peter Drucker

Execution is Everything

idealight works with clients in several sectors and varying sizes and builds engagement teams with the specific industry and market experience required to ensure your success. We believe there are certain basic fundamentals that apply to all companies and are skilled at matching qualified people from our team to specific opportunities or problems.

We primarily work with companies that have been referred to us within our network, but we are open to outside inquiries. If you would like to contact us, please send an e-mail to info@idealight.net or fill out the form here.

Current Clients

Rock It Workouts (www.rockitworkouts.com)

Project: Strategy & Market Development
Sector: Consumer Products - Fitness

RockIt Workouts is an experiential fitness company providing proprietary fitness and nutrition solutions that create long term effectual transformations in mind, body and spirit for its customers. They provide a unique fitness experience with high energy, experienced celebrity trainers, proprietary classes and live DJ music. Their on group fitness includes family and kids classes with an emphasis on music, nutrition, and community that reaches beyond the studio through online and mobile features for a fully integrated wellness lifestyle that lives beyond the 60-minute class.

idealight developed the business plan including a multi-faceted strategy that includes franchising locations, licensing classes, content distribution , product development and sales, and a philanthropic arm designed to leverage the company’s celebrity relationships and promote fitness to underprivileged children across the country. idealight is currently negotiating the first outside round of financing that will enable opening of a second location in the Los Angeles region and support the launch of the company’s multimedia initiatives supported by major celebrity endorsements.

Belove Skincare

Project: Strategy Development, Financing, Business Development
Sector: Consumer Products - Beauty

Belove Skincare is a new and innovative skincare company founded in Los Angeles by Jenette Serrins, owner of Being in LA spa in the trendy Los Feliz community of Los Angeles. After spending years creating customized facials for clients, the company launched belove as its own line of all-natural, results oriented and forward thinking products that uniquely employ the use of Chinese herbal infusions with commonly known all natural ingredients like coconut and cacao. The products have gained considerable accolades from clients for successfully addressing key skincare issues over the last two years of commercial sales and over five years of use in the being in LA spa.

idealight worked with the founder to develop the first business plan in preparation for the commercial launch of its product line which included advising on branding, developing a launch strategy, identifying strategic partners and outlining operational and management team needs. idealight is currently negotiating the company’s seed round of funding and is providing advisory services on growth strategy and marketing.

Justice 55 (www.justice55.com)

Project: Strategy, Financing & Business Development
Sector: Consumer Products – Apparel

Justice 55 is a unique lifestyle brand with wearable, well-designed products that could inspire, encourage and teach. The founders’ passion to give back while creating and fostering a global sense of community is the driving force under this unique brand that seeks to create a partnership for change between consumers and charitable organizations. Their approach is unique because 20% of each purchase is donated to charity. Furthermore, the company allows the purchaser to select where the donation portion of the purchase is allocated, track the evolution of the project they have funded, participate in a community of other donors, and gain recognition for their contributions. Justice55 has grown through grass roots sales through its website and active social media community on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

idealight co-launched the business creating its initial business plan and strategy including sourcing manufacturing partners, creating the product development plan, conducting a thorough competitive analysis, and identifying key gaps and opportunities in the market, as well as facilitating key strategic partnerships. idealight implemented a successful social media and marketing strategy to build awareness of the company’s mission pre-launch across Facebook, Twitter and instagram resulting in over 6,500 followers contributing to initial sales and viral marketing efforts. idealight is currently negotiating the company’s seed round of financing.

StyleYou (www.styleyou.com)

Project: Strategy & Business Development
Sector: Consumer Products – Fashion

StyleYou is a free-to-play shopping service and mobile application that provides curated boxes of outfits and current fashions tailored the individual and shipped right to their door free of charge. StyleYou takes a unique approach to addressing that all too common “I have nothing to wear” moment by connecting members with their own StyleYou stylist who profiles each member and delivers a unique and highly personal online shopping experience that saves time, optimizes spending and gives them plenty of appropriate items and outfits to wear. Taking this a step further, their patent-pending smartphone app provides users with suggestions on how to style each of the pieces in their box as an outfit, pulling from items already purchased from StyleYou, general trends and recommending purchases to create several outfits for any occasion.

idealight developed the company’s business plan and implemented a strategy that would clearly differentiate from its competitors through a focus on up and coming brands and integration of online and mobile technology to drive customer retention. idealight enabled the company’s beta launch in the US with introductions to stylists, apparel and accessories brands and advised on the initial buy to serve customers who signed up to participate.

Type A Group

Project: Social Media Strategy
Sector: Consumer Products – Image Consulting

Type A is a personal concierge service that works closely with people to define and realize goals for their personal, work and love lives to achieve true happiness. Working one on one with each client, they help people distill their true essence and provide guidance to realize their personal potential and create the life they want. Founded by a team that includes celebrity stylists, trainers, therapists and consultants, they have a proven formula to help people reach their potential.

idealight developed the company’s launch strategy, built the website and created the social media strategies for Facebook and Twitter.


Project: Strategy and Business Development
Sector: Consumer Products – Sporting Apparel

Voolii is a progressive lifestyle brand featuring unique apparel, accessories and décor. Partnered with top pro beach and indoor volleyball players, Voolii creates imaginative products embodying the essence of volleyball culture, beach life, action sports vibe, music, art & fashion. Voolii has spent the last 1 1/2 years creating its brand, developing concepts & designs, product testing, and promoting its brand & products at key industry events and with professional volleyball players, organizations & affiliates including Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series, USA Beach Juniors Tour. Voolii intends to become to volleyball, what Volcom is to board sports (surfing, skateboarding & snowboarding) and provide volleyball, the 2nd largest sport in the world, a brand and identity of its own.

idealight was hired to collaborate with founders to develop the business plan, growth strategy and facilitate key introductions to high level executives in the volleyball and sports retail arenas. idealight continues to advise on fundraising and corporate structuring.

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